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Miller Shy Life *looks sheepish*

Throwback to when I ate a mcflurry at 10:18 am on 4/20

Anonymous: How do you make pins?

I’m too tired to answer this question I’ve answered multiple times in the past two years since I made those pins I’m sorry dude

I think I’m turning into my dad

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Anonymous: Send me a playlist plz! What are you listening to recently?

How can I send you a playlist if you’re anon, dawg? Lately I’ve been mostly listening to blues-rock type jams which is borderline country I guess. I’m seeing Natural Child (and Black Lips) for a second time this weekend! My dad would be astonished to know that I can finally groove to some Allman Brothers Band. Also been spinning a lot of Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s PiƱata. Also Pure X’s new album is vibey as hell. Idk. Hope that’s what you wanted???